Hey guys! My name is Brandon. I have been in the fitness and probably every facet of it you could possibly imagine, for the last 28+ years. My love for fitness came at an early age. I remember living with my dad in Bakersfield, California; a scrawny little 16 year old kid looking to try and play football. My dad handed me my first Muscle Mag Magazine. I was fascinated at how lean, big and strong these athletes were. Shortly thereafter, I asked to join a gym. My dad got me signed up with a Golds Gym, and by the end of the school year, I was FAR from a scrawny average 16 year old kid. It was then, I knew I'd found my place.


Fast forward a few years when I went to work for a gym in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I began personal training. I met a man named Greg. Greg was in his 30's, he was extremely obese, very unkept and had a very dim future if he didn't begin to turn his life around immediately. Greg was not my client. He came to the gym I worked out of simply to exercise. I got to know him and started to offer simple help; how to do certain movements, how to help with his strength and endurance and helped him come up with a diet plan that wouldn't completely turn his life upside down, but would work for him. I eventually left OKC and moved to Denver to help open a HardKore Fitness facilty that a couple of friends of mine had decided to venture into together. I returned to OKC for a visit and decided to go back to the gym I had trained out of, to visit with those I had worked with, and say hi to them while I was in town. Out of now where, a very well put together, very in shape and healthy looking man came running up to me yelling "Brandon!!! Hey!" Before I could figure out who it was, this man gave me a hug and said, "remember me?! Greg?" Words couldn't even begin to describe how unbeliveably happy I was to see him, especially a transformed man. He told me in that encounter, that he had never forgotten me, the time I spent with him, and he said the most important 4 words I had ever heard... "You saved my life."


I knew then, my calling was personal training. My dream quickly became someday, opening up my own facility, offering my expertise and helping the people, like Greg.


Over the years, I found myself working at various gyms, personal training here and there, and even competing in a few bodybuilding shows. I was a competitive state level bodybuilder and enjoyed the lifestyle. Living in Denver, the people I had become most close to were other competitors including, the 5 time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, who actually became a friend to me during his rise to fame while I was striving for the MET-Rx challenge athelte of the year. I worked alongside and learned from the best of the best; Heather Armbrust, top 2 Ms Olympia for several years; her husband Dylan Armbrust who trains the pros in bodybuilding and currently owns what's called the "Mile High Mecca" in Denver and a thriving gym owner of an enormous facility. I was able to learn and grown with these professionals in the early days. What I figured out in that time, was that something was missing; I was missing the people like Greg.


My wife was offered a job that moved us to Fort Smith, Arkansas. After the birth of our 2nd children and trying to find my way in life, my wife talked me into going back to peresoal training, but going out on my own to do it. I knew I could offer Fort Smith something different. In February of 2014, I painted my garage and managed to market enough to get 5 clients to come to my garage and show them, what made me and my program different. That 5 clients quickly turned to 15, and we were quickly approach May in Arkansas.. We needed AC! We found a small started place behind Joe's Pizza and Pasta that was 750 sq feet and needed a LOT of work. But hey! At least we had AC. We ended up growing to over 100 by August of that year and moved over to a place in the Quarry Shopping Center, right next to CiitTrends, in a spot that was almost impossible to find lol. Now we had 1800 sq feet of workable space and were SO excited! After a year and a half of growing in our new space, we finally were at the point that we had even outgrown that. In September of 2017, we moved across the parking lot in the old Learning Oassis spot and made it entirely hours. 4280 of sq feet that we could accomodate more and we did! 


What I only thought was a dream of just an 18 year old kid, was now my living reality. The ultimate "American Dream".


I'm proud and humbled to have the opportunity to help those of ALL walks of life in our community, become better versions of themselves... Everyone from follks like Greg, along with advanced athletes, we creat a warm, family like environment that we have been able to transform so many lives and I'm thrilled to see what else we can give back to the community!


A little about me personally.. I am 48 years old. I spent a lot of my childhood between Enid, Oklahoma and Bakersfield, California and then in my adulthood, Denver, Colorado. I am NASM and FitRanX certified, I am a certified Corrective Exercise Speicalist as well as a Certified Golf Specialist. Just this last September, I became one of approximately 20 people in the world to pass the FitRanX level 8 test (the highest ranking one can achieve). Of note, I was the first male in the world, in my age group to pass Level 8.


My wife of 14 years and I live in Fort Smith with our 2 beautiful daughters Tabor and Tegan, and Clark (an English Bulldog). We attend Grace Community Church and when we aren't working (or working out), I enjoy spending time with my family, watching a good movie and going out to meet up with friends for dinner and entertainment, or simply a date with my wife that I make a point of doing, each week. We preach lifestyle, so if you see us out, just know we won't shame you for the pizza and beer you're having.. We expect to be invited over to share with you!


I love the service and talent I am able to give back to my community and adore my BT family. I look forward to being able to continue to offer the best and help each and every person that I can.