Hey, I'm Melissa! When I started at BodyTailors in January 2017, I was already active and in decent shape - I had been active and exercising for years. But I was bored, in a rut, and needed something new and challenging. I had seen friends post about BodyTailors on Facebook, so I decided to reach out. I was grateful they had a class at 5:00 am, because that is really the only time I can squeeze working out into my day on a regular basis. However, I was skeptical of the 30-minute class length. Just how much good can you do in 30 minutes? Working out at home, trying to motivate yourself - not much. But, I decided to give BT a shot. I loved it from the first day!


Now, I am a 47-year-old wife and mother of two who works full-time and is in the best shape of her life!


I saw major results, quickly! Just a few months after joining Body Tailors, I was fortunate enough to be the 5th person in the WORLD (out of approximately 3,500 gyms that use this program) to reach Level 8 in the FitRanX System! The FitRanX system is what is  used at BT to help people continue moving forward with their fitness. Without the coaching, support, motivation, and encouragement from the coaches and clientele at BodyTailors (and my family), I would have never even SET such a goal, let alone achieve it!


I am NOT a natural athlete. Nothing athletic has ever come easily to me – if I want it, I have to WORK, and work HARD. I was a chubby kid with self-esteem issues that turned into an overly-skinny adolescent/young adult with multiple eating disorders. Like most addicts (yes, eating disorders are addictions), I hit bottom. I decided I had had enough – enough lying, enough covering, enough misery, enough vomiting, enough exhaustion. ENOUGH! I decided to get help. I got my mind right, then I decided to get my body right.


I made a COMMITMENT to be the healthiest me that I could be – forever. I am where I am in my health journey because:

1) I am made in the image of God

2) I made a choice

3) I work really hard nearly every day (mentally and physically) to be the healthiest I can be and better than I was yesterday. Not better than anybody else, just better than me.


That is my WHY; God, my husband, my children, and BodyTailors are my HOW.


And now, as a trainer, I get to share all these blessings with other people. Seeing other people getting stronger, happier, healthier, and improve their quality of life continues to bless me on a daily basis!


Personal Info:

I am a wife to my wonderfully supportive (and tolerant) husband, Chad, and a mother to two amazing children – Parker (19) and Carley (15). When not working, working out, or playing Uber-driver, Chad and I enjoy hiking, kayaking, running Spartan races, relaxing in the pool, and watching football (and most other sports.) Blessed beyond measure!!